God's Calendar

Studying the Hebrew Calendar can be a profitable and rewarding study for the Bible student. A study of the seven feasts found in Leviticus chapter 23 will show us God's plan for mankind. The first four feasts speak of the first coming of our Lord, while the last three Fall feasts speak of the Second Coming of our Lord, the regathering of Israel, and the Millennial reign. Some good books to read on the feasts are God's Prophetic Calendar by Dr. Lehman Strauss, The Feasts of Israel by Bruce Scott, and The Gospel in the Feasts of Israel by Victor Buksbazen.

The following quote is by Dr. Lehman Strauss and is from his book God's Prophetic Calendar which is published by Loizeaux Brothers in Neptune, New Jersey. Used with permission.

"The idea of a calendar originated with God, but it was for man's benefit. God does not need a calendar. He is not a victim of time. God did not prepare a calendar to keep Himself informed of His future plans, but He did arrange one for the human race, presenting it first to the young nation of Israel.

The calendar God gave Israel shows His plan for the human race beginning with the death of Messiah Jesus at Calvary, followed by His bodily resurrection from death and the grave, His ascension to Heaven, the beginning of the Church at Pentecost, the present Church Age, the appearing of our Lord to translate the Church to Heaven, the Tribulation that follows the Church's Rapture, the regathering and regeneration of Israel, and the return of Messiah to reign on earth.

God's prophetic calendar containing all of the above events is recorded in one chapter of the Bible. All of these future events are located in various parts of the Bible, but in Leviticus 23 they are presented in sequence."

-Dr. Lehman Strauss

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